Samples of Brian's Work

The Cleansing of My Soul - My First Real Shower in Iraq

Any normal person would be celebrating a welcomed break from being in combat. A hot shower,  a hot meal and well silence. But silence in combat is a killer. It is that eerie silence that comes right before a mortar comes crashing through your tent. Or that silence that comes a millisecond after an explosion and your brain is rattled. Well, that is my opinion supported by factual information glued together with firsthand knowledge on silence.

I Love My Wife's Natural Hair

When I first met my soon to be wife. I found her profile on a dating website. Well, actually she found me. My profile was simple but my life was complicated, to say the least. But what she didn’t know is that the night prior to her messaging me I had a dream about a sexy, beautiful, Ebony Goddess rescuing me. That dream was so detailed that it described the 3 stars on her left hand. No, they were not real stars. But they turned out to be 3 birthmarks in the exact place as described so innately in my dream.

One Last Commitment

As I sit on the porch of the beautiful log cabin house in which my buddy and his wife chose for its uniqueness, and in the house in which he made a permanent decision to end the pain, regret, and agony from the numerous combat deployments. I find myself staring at the flagpole with the American flag waving so beautifully. It was only week ago that he was sitting here in the same chair drinking his favorite beer watching his son attempt to ride his bike for the first time. It was in this vary spot in which he and his wife would build their yard to such beauty that it truly belonged in a magazine.

My Last 24 Hours of Vulnerability

For years I had tried to figure out to express what happened in the last 24 hours before I deployed to Iraq in 2003. Why? Well, it is because of two separate situations that completely changed my life before stepping foot in the desert that seem unreal, not believable, supernatural, spiritual and most importantly it paints me as a complete lack of respect for myself as a grown ass man at the time. I will admit it makes me look like a complete pussy. But like I said these two situations happened. Let’s go.


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